Perfect Secretary ® Deluxe

Perfect Secretary ® Deluxe 8.5

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PS 2012 includes full Internet support features including the Live Update feature, incredible graphic capabilities, quick upload of standing sheets. If you have your own website, PS 2012 Deluxe will let you save reports in standard HTML format or in a graphical format that lets you display the reports with eye-catching clip art images. The program will let you upload (FTP) your league reports directly to your website right from within the program.

The Deluxe version includes all of the Standard features plus the following:

Integrated Treasurer module to keep track of league finances
Create PDF files, the standard for exchanging and sharing documents, directly in PS 2012, you can email the PDF files to your bowlers so they can view or print the league reports in their original format
Save reports in true HTML, or royalty-free graphical PNG format for publishing on your website
Transfer configuration settings easily from one league to another league
Email messages, reports, and attachments to your bowlers
Powerful Cash Calculator to help with year end payouts
Ability to print Custom Reports 2, 3, and 4 columns wide
Custom Reports Wizard to create your own reports
Pins Over Average Method II (Ulitimate Bowling Leagues)
Many Colorful Bowler and Team Graphs
Divisions, both bowler and team
Teams can be assigned automatically to divisions by team average
Bowler Match Points
Petersen Points
Diminishing Points
Advanced Competitive League Formats including Scramble League with singles, doubles & team point options; Trios and 4-Person Match Points with different opponent each game; Special Doubles Diminishing Point Format
Best Scores Rule
X Pin Drop Rule
Cushion Average
Mid-Season Start

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